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UPM Introduces Unique 3D Printing

UPM introduced robot-based 3D printing innovations together with ABB and Prenta at the Nordic 3D Expo in Espoo.

This kind of large scale granulate-based 3D printing open up possibilities for manufacturers and designers alike. It enables time- and cost-efficient production of large-scale 3D parts with minimal lead time. Potential business industries where this could be utilized include molding, the boat industry as well as furniture design.

“An industrial robot printing together with UPM Formi 3D biocomposite enables large components to be 3D printed with high geometrical tolerances. The PrentaRobo is designed for the manufacturing industry as a tool to create new and cost efficient products,” says Riku Rusanen, CEO, Prenta Finland.

This innovation is in line with UPM’s values of circularity and environmental friendliness.

You can read the full press release here

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