Member Network

Since  about the year 2000 the number of members of the Chamber always has been between eighty and ninety. Every year we lose some due to all kind of reasons; people stop with their business or change their job and others go back to Finland. But all the time we manage to get new members as well. In 2018 the FDCC had a total of 173 members per the end of the year.

Fdcc graph.jpg


In 2010 we started a new initiative named ‘Young Professionals’. Slowly the number of YP members is growing and the board expects a further growth during the coming years. Another interesting development is the number of Finnish women who joined the FDCC during the past years. In 2006 out of our members there were only 11 Finnish women; at the end of 2018 we had 71 Finnish women among our members. 


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