Finnish-Dutch relationsThe Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce is a unique non-profit organization for Finnish-Dutch relations with business content. We provide a networking platform for our members; companies that have bilateral interest between Finland and The Netherlands, and business professionals with ties to Finland, in the Netherlands. Founded in 1987 on the initiative of the Embassy of Finland.

We believe in the power of Finnish and Dutch business relations. We offer professionals a way to share their common interest in Finnish-Dutch connections.

Companies and professionals join us for various reasons: they see us offering possibilities to develop their business opportunities, increase their business knowledge and widen their network of interesting people, and to create new personal and business related contacts. We also support the personal development of our members and help people to share experiences about the Dutch-Finnish business and business culture.

Our members are passionate and voluntarily willing to share their knowledge, experience, and support to empower the existence of the Chamber. These members form the core of the activities of the Chamber and they are very valuable to us. We offer for our member companies possibilities to present themselves and their business through hosting, organizing and sponsoring FDCC events, and therefore are welcoming any new discussions for co-operation opportunities.

We also work with different stakeholders and other bilateral business clubs, like the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the Danish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, FinnCham Network, Team Finland and the Embassies of Finland and The Netherlands. New collaborations are continuously looked for as they offer great opportunities for widening our services and network for our members.

We have identified three main member groups: Corporate members, Individual business professionals & entrepreneurs, and Young Professionals & Students. Besides the common FDCC services all these groups have needs for their own services. We are aiming  to offer more specific services for  these groups. The new mentoring program is a great example: through this program we can help the young professionals with their personal growth and also provide new insights for our more experienced members. Also for our corporate members we are planning more custom made services.

Because the business professionals today are facing various challenges in the demanding international environment, the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce aims to offer a hand to support our members to survive even better in this environment. We want to show that networking does not always need to be serious business and that business can be fun too.

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