FDCC Policy Plan

Policy Plan FDCC (Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce)
Period: 2024-2027

The Policy Plan of the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce (FDCC) outlines the strategic objectives and priorities for the association for the upcoming period. This plan is designed to promote the growth, development, and impact of the FDCC, as well as to strengthen its role as a bridge between the Finnish and Dutch business communities.

The mission of the FDCC is to provide a platform for promoting business cooperation and trade between Finland and the Netherlands. The association aims to represent the interests of its members, facilitate business opportunities, and create a network that adds value to their activities.

The FDCC aspires to be the leading business hub for companies and professionals interested in bilateral relations between Finland and the Netherlands. We aim for a dynamic network that promotes innovation, growth, and sustainable business practices.

Strategic Objectives
● Increase Member Engagement: We aim to boost member engagement by organizing valuable networking events, seminars, and workshops that align with their business needs and interests.
● Facilitate Business Opportunities: We aim to play an active role in identifying and facilitating business opportunities between Finland and the Netherlands, with a focus on sectors like technology, sustainability, trade, and investment.
● Promote Knowledge Exchange: We aim to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and best practices among our members through events, publications, and online forums.
● Strengthen Collaboration: We will collaborate with relevant partners, including government agencies, industry organizations, and other chambers of commerce, to achieve our objectives and represent the interests of our members.
● Digital Transformation: We will strengthen our digital presence by developing a user-friendly website, active social media channels, and online tools that facilitate interaction among our members.

Action Plan
● Organization of monthly networking events, thematic workshops, and sector-focused seminars.
● Establishment of relevant committees for members.
● Creation of working groups to explore specific business opportunities and challenges.
● Lobbying activities aimed at promoting bilateral trade and investment between Finland and the Netherlands.
● Strengthening collaborations with relevant stakeholders, including embassies, trade fairs, and industry associations.
● Launching an annual report on the bilateral economic relations between Finland and the Netherlands.

Monitoring and Evaluation
The progress of this policy plan will be regularly evaluated by the FDCC board, with input from the members. If necessary, adjustments will be made to ensure that the objectives are achieved and that the association continues to adhere to its mission and vision.
This policy plan takes effect on April 18, 2024, and will be in effect for the period from 2024 to 2027.

Egbert Schram, Chairman FDCC
Camilla Mattsson, Treasurer FDCC

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