Remuneration Policy of the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce (FDCC)

1. Introduction
The Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce (FDCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering Finnish-Dutch business relations. Established in 1987, the FDCC provides a networking platform for companies and professionals with bilateral interests between Finland and the Netherlands. As a non-profit organization, the FDCC is committed to promoting business opportunities, sharing knowledge, and supporting personal development without monetary compensation for its board members.

2. Purpose of the Remuneration Policy
This Remuneration Policy establishes the framework for compensation practices within the FDCC. It confirms that board members are not remunerated for their services, ensuring the focus remains on the Chamber’s mission to build a strong and active business network.

3. Board Member Compensation
● No Remuneration for Board Members: Board members of the FDCC serve on a voluntary basis and do not receive any monetary compensation for their roles within the Chamber. This includes salaries, stipends, or other forms of payment.
● Reimbursement of Expenses: While board members do not receive remuneration, they are eligible for reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred while conducting Chamber business. Such expenses may include travel costs, event-related expenses, and other approved costs related to their roles.
● Recognition and Appreciation: Although there is no financial remuneration, the FDCC values the contributions of its board members. Recognition is given through non-monetary means, such as public acknowledgement, certificates of appreciation, or other forms of recognition to express gratitude for their voluntary service.

4. Policy Rationale
The non-remuneration policy for board members aligns with the FDCC’s mission and non-profit status. It ensures that the focus of the Chamber remains on promoting business collaboration and supporting members’ growth without personal financial incentives. By not remunerating board members, the FDCC emphasizes its commitment to a community-driven approach and to maintaining a culture of volunteerism.

5. Review and Amendments
The Remuneration Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it aligns with the Chamber’s goals and regulatory requirements. Amendments to the policy may be made by a majority vote of the board, with input from members, if necessary, to maintain the Chamber’s mission and values.

6. Policy Implementation
This Remuneration Policy will be shared with all board members, new and existing, to ensure transparency and understanding. It is the responsibility of the board to ensure compliance with the policy and to manage any exceptions or issues arising from its implementation.

7. Conclusion
The FDCC’s Remuneration Policy underscores the Chamber’s commitment to fostering Finnish-Dutch business relations through a volunteer-driven model. The focus on non-monetary compensation reinforces the Chamber’s dedication to serving its members and creating a vibrant business community.

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