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Finnish Fibre Innovation Could Revolutionise the Textile Industry

In the age of fast fashion, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the unsustainability of the fashion industry. Regular consumers increasingly want to make sustainable choices whilst shopping for new clothes.

“Sustainability is becoming very important to the consumer today,” says Anna-Kaisa Auvinen, managing director of Finnish Textile and Fashion, a textile and clothing industry organisation.

“In Finland, we have great fibre innovations that will help the industry be more environmentally friendly. Increasingly we see new startups being formed in Finland with corporate social responsibility as the core of the company.”

Perhaps the most innovative advancement in this field comes from the Finnish Aalto University and their project Ioncell. This project develops high-quality fibres from wood, such as the Finnish birch, or other recycled materials such as cardboard waste. 

Read the full article and more about these Finnish innovations here.

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