Outokumpu processes the most sustainable stainless steel in Terneuzen

FDCC’s Patron member Outokumpu has began to process the most sustainable stainless steel in the industry in Terneuzen, Netherlands. With a carbon footprint 92% lower than the industry standard, Outokumpu’s Circle Green stainless steel delivers the same high performance as its counterparts. Circle Green has the lowest emission intensity in the world; up to 64% lower than the carbon footprint of Outokumpu’s regular material, which is already the most durable stainless steel in the world.

“This emission-minimized steel meets the global need for more sustainable products with a longer lifespan, which contribute to a more sustainable future. This material has been produced on an industrial scale with existing production resources. It is an important step and an essential breakthrough for Outokumpu in achieving its sustainability goals. We look forward to further processing this product in the Netherlands,” says Tommi Kuronen, Vice President Operations at Outokumpu in Terneuzen.

You can access the full article here.

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