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Artificial intelligence helps Santa in Finnish Christmas videos

December is here which means that Christmas is getting closer and closer. And as everybody knows, Santa Claus is busy in Lapland during this time of the year. We also heard that Santa has installed several artificial-intelligence innovations in Korvatunturi to assist the gift giving process. We wonder if Santa got the idea of using artificial intelligence from our event #NordicTalks2019 in October.

“Santa has installed several artificial-intelligence innovations to help keep gift deliveries rolling. But as ThisisFINLAND’s videos show, he still has the answers when the machines are stumped.”

“ThisisFINLAND proudly presents several short animations that celebrate the Finnish Christmas season. As an added bonus, we’re also releasing two videos filmed at Santa’s workshop on the Arctic Circle, near the city of Rovaniemi, also part of Finnish Lapland.”

Click here for the article and videos.

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