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Jan Valkier: Portman of the year 2019

The Foundation Harbourmen/women in Rotterdam has selected Jan Valkier, CEO of Anthony Veder, as Portman of the Year 2019.

Tanker company Anthony Veder is one of the largest shipping companies in the Netherlands and specializes in the transport of liquid gases. The Rotterdam-based shipping quartier plays a pioneering role in the distribution of LNG, a liquid gas that is also emerging as an alternative to fuel and diesel as a shipping fuel.

The reason for the Harbourman 2019 award of the year is the significant expansion of the fleet by Anthony Veder. This year was marked by bidding for several LNG carriers and new tanker yards. Anthony Veder also supplied the first LNG cruise ships with fuel, a milestone in the development of cleaner shipping.

Read the full article here.

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