Turku travel destination

Turku nominated as top post-pandemic travel destination

The city of Turku, located in southwest Finland, was included in The New York Times list of cities to visit when COVID-19 pandemic is over. The list consists of 52 cities from around the world.

Turku was nominated for the list by Avanti Chanjed who is a doctoral student living in the city. Chanjed nominated the city, as she fell in love with it her first day there, and named the city’s proximity to nature as one of its best features.

According to YLE, Lotta Bäck, Head of International Marketing of Visit Turku, states that the city of Turku has been through somewhat of a makeover during the past few years and it attracts tourists with its booming restaurant industry as well as its wonderful archipelago.

Bäck adds that The New York Times nomination is a heart-warming reminder of a better future during these challenging times.

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