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Reaktor’s Online AI Course Draws More than 140 000 Students

“A free online course in artificial intelligence (AI) created by the University of Helsinki and technology consultancy Reaktor has drawn 140,000 students from around the world.

Launched in spring 2018, The Elements of AI is available in English and Finnish. It was originally envisioned with the ambitious goal of training one percent of the Finnish population — 55,000 people — in the fundamentals of AI.

Inspired by the Finnish model, Sweden and the Netherlands have created similar courses, with 15 other countries interested in developing comparable course for their citizens.

Finland first country to make one percent of residents AI savvy

Part of the course’s popularity is the fact that it’s available online for free and doesn’t require any prerequisite technology skills. As it’s also offered in English in addition to Finnish, close to 40 percent of people taking the course are from countries outside Finland.

University of Helsinki Chief Digitalisation Officer Jaakko Kurhila says that he and his team have been surprised by the course’s popularity.

”A free online course can reach thousands of people, but we never dreamed of reaching more than 100,000 people,” he says.”

You can read the full Yle-article here.

You can learn more about Reaktor’s AI-course, “The Elements of AI” here. 

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