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Introducing Fintech Solutions from Finland

Fintech Solutions from Finland presentation provides a thorough look into the various Finnish companies offering products and services for areas such as banking, payments, financial software, financial management, impact, as well as new emerging financial technologies.

Fintech is currently one of the most trending areas internationally. The purpose of Fintech is to modernize, digitize and improve the delivery, efficiency, and experience of any kind of financial services, both for consumers and businesses.

Digital Trust Finland program collaborated with Helsinki Fintech Farm to create a presentation of the Finnish Fintech offering. The presentation aims to create more awareness and interest toward the Fintech know-how and companies in Finland. Our goal is that it will lead to further discussions with international customers and hence be useful for the export business of the companies, and it could even lead to additional investments. The presentation includes already a very interesting representation of Finnish Fintechs, and we aim to complement it in the future.

The solutions that are highlighted in this presentation are divided into four categories

  • Solutions for Financial Industry
  • Solutions for Financial Management
  • Impact Solutions
  • Emerging Technologies

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