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Flokk Company Visit

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THE NORDIC CHAMBERS AND BUSINESS CLUB organized an inspiring company visit to Flokk’s innovative Design Center in Rotterdam. Flokk is the European leading manufacturer of high quality workingplace furniture and owner of the brands HÅG, RH, RBM, BMA, Malmstolen and Offecct.

Øystein Austad
Design Talks: An interview with Flokk Design Manager, Øystein Austad Its an exciting time for all of us at Flokk, we are at the begining of a new journey and have lots of projects bubbling away that we can’t wait to tell you about. We talked to Øystein Austad, one of the designers at Flokk to bring you some behind the scenes news on what to expect from us over the coming months…… What are the aims of Flokk? What do you/we hope to achieve? Flokk will always aim to be a leading intensive company in areas such as design, development and innovation. Flokk has the opportunity to expand and develop new categories, not only seating but a wider variety of furniture. This work will continue to be developed in collaboration with the best international designers and our internal design team. We have the possibility to surprise and do the unexpected. If you were to describe Flokk in just three words, what would they be? Progressive – An experience of something intelligent and new, still feeling familiar and natural. Authentic – Genuine concepts, skillfully executed. Visual character and functionality working together. Trustworthy – Our brands and products all contribute to the same story, we are in it for the long run. Preoccupied with people. What are the most important issues at the moment when it comes to furniture design? During the Stockholm Furniture Fair this winter, I noticed that several smaller manufacturers in the industry have become hugely professional in how they appeared to the outsider and me as a potential customer. Many of them did show a strong self-esteem, they had innovative solutions and collaborations and a very high level of focus on their visuals. They seemed very focused and goal-oriented even with small funds. Competition in our industry is hard and is going to be even harder in the future, considering the small professional manufacturers. Serious manufacturers, both big and small, are now working with environmental issues and argue about their ergonomics. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s how these stories are conveyed or told to the customer that will become one of the most important issues in our industry. That a product can be customized and adapted to various social situations and use will also be important. The same with technology that will become an even more decisive factor in the near future.

Read more about Flokk here and about Julian Wolse here.


Jun 14 2018


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