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Culture Compass with Hofstede

As a part of our Christmas Gift, we will provide you with a personal cultural assessment – Hofstede Insights’ Culture Compass, which analyses your cultural value preferences and to which extent they impact you in relation to a specific country of your interest, offering concrete advice tailored to you. After filling in your individual, we now welcome you to an additional session where you can hear more

In this session on, the Group CEO of Hofstede Insights and frequent columnist for the FDCC newsletter, Egbert Schram, will walk you through the best way of making use of the Culture Compass and understanding what are some personal coping mechanisms you can use when dealing with specifically the culture differences between the Netherlands and Finland. The insights provided will also help you when interacting with other cultures around the globe. The last part of the webinar will be an open space for bringing up any question you might have, either based on the Culture Compass or other cross cultural and business related questions.

More information on the Culture Compass can be found here:


Jan 21 2021


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