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Eficode Joins Forces with Praqma

Eficode, a Nordic DevOps heavyweight, has acquired Praqma, a leading Scandinavian DevOps consultancy operating across Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

“This means that two Nordic companies that are shaping DevOps in Europe unite. Now they are poised to change the world of software as one company. The company will be fueled by the collaborative and forward-thinking attitudes that has made DevOps as a software-making methodology so successful over the past decade.

Together, Eficode and Praqma will be nearly 300 people strong, ready to serve customers across the Nordics and Europe with an even bigger community of software problem solvers working together to shape the future of software creation.

Now Eficode has gained one more country to its operations (Norway), and Praqma has gained three: Finland, the Netherlands, and Germany. Eficode and Praqma will now operate across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, and Germany.”

Read the full press release here.

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