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KONE to equip Melbourne's premium grade office building in Australia with UltraRope

Kone Press Release 23rd of October, 2017:

"KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, has won an order to supply 21 elevators and 4 escalators to the Olderfleet development on 477 Collins Street in Melbourne, Australia. Situated in the heart of Melbourne's CBD and integrated with the Olderfleet's iconic façade, the project will house the city's newest premium grade office building designed with a best-in-class, technology-enabled future workplace in mind.

With 58,444sqm of office space spanning 38 levels, the building will be 158 metres in height. Complementing the premium office space are the top of the line amenities services, including a wellness centre and childcare as well as an extensive range of retail options in and around the building.

One of the focuses of the project is building an office and workplace of the future and ensuring Olderfleet is equipped with the latest in technological innovations. KONE will fit a number of elevators with the revolutionary KONE UltraRope® technology to enable tenants to safely travel to the Sky Rise, while offering unrivalled elevator eco-efficiency, reliability and durability.

KONE's innovative JumpLift solution is also being deployed during the construction, in order to save time, cut energy costs and improve safety throughout the project.

Providing a safe, seamless and efficient journey for tenants and guests is crucial and KONE will be providing Olderfleet with its people flow solutions to optimize this experience, including 12 KONE MiniSpace® elevators, 9 KONE MonoSpace® elevators, 4 KONE TravelMaster110® escalators as well as 4 KONE Access® destination control systems.

"This building represents a fantastic integration of the new with the historic to provide a unique urban experience. We're excited and proud to have the opportunity to bring the best People Flow® experience and the latest in KONE technological innovations to the centre of one of Australia's premier cities", says Axel Berkling, Executive Vice President for KONE Asia Pacific.

Olderfleet is developed and built by Mirvac, with Grimshaw Architects as the design partner.

The contract was awarded in the third quarter of 2017."