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FDCC Member Survey 2017 Report

FDCC Member survey report
In the first few months of 2017 the board of the FDCC sent out a member survey. The purpose of this survey was to find out what it is our members appreciate about our services and what we could improve on. We are happy to present the results to our (prospective) members via this report.

Evaluation of our services

The majority of responses, 53%, came from individual members. Young Professionals and Corporate members both accounted for 18% of all respondents. When asked for the fulfillment of their expectations, almost all members answered they were happy with our services. The best evaluation of our services came from Patron members (12% of respondents) with a 4,5 (good/excellent) rating. Corporate and individual members rated our services with a 4 (good), whereas Young Professionals were a bit more critical (3,33 or 'fair' rating).

Benefits of membership

The survey shows that our members are most satisfied with our core business, namely our events and activities. More specifically our high-level, formal events such as the Annual General Meeting and the company visits were highlights of the year for our members. On a more general level, they appreciate the networking aspect and our communication style. The networking aspect is mentioned as the main benefit from membership in the FDCC. A minority also received new sales opportunities and visibility for their company.

Points for improvement

Of course we continually look to improve our services. Any feedback is therefore welcome. While many reported that we should continue as we already do, we also got some critical points. The most common point was to focus even more on networking and the connecting of people. Other points which stood out were to organize more events in the center of the Netherlands, to involve more large companies in our events and to promote our events more. A specific event suggestion offered is to help Finns who are new in the Netherlands with finding their way in the bureaucracy, both for entrepreneurs and employees in companies. We could also cooperate even more with the Nordic business clubs, since that is a much appreciated cooperation. 


While the numerical values with which the respondents rated our services were not the highest, the comments were overwhelmingly positive. It is likely that this is caused by a response bias which often occurs in Likert-style questions: participants tend to select intermediate or mild responses. This can be caused by cultural factors, education level and the wording of the questions.

The open questions shows that our members appreciate what we do and see the same benefits in membership as we do: networking and more visibility to Company members. Consider that corporate members comprised only a small percentage of the total amount of respondents, which has consequences for representativeness of this specific point.

We always look for opportunities to improve our services. We will therefore focus even more than before on networking and we will try to spread the geographical location of our events more to other parts of the Netherlands. We will promote our events as much as we can and will look into the options to organize an event aimed at people who are new in the Netherlands. We also continuously look for opportunities to cooperate with our Nordic colleagues.