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ProChronos is looking for new owner(s)!

ProChronos is looking for new owner(s)!

Siru Leinonen is the founder of ProChronos and a product developer. ProChronos is a family business and because of family related reasons they are looking for new owner(s) to continue our business and product.

ProChronos is a unique concept & product and has been an official business since 2018. They have combined online marketplace for luxury watches and social media with many more functions. They are currently operating in the EU area and have a small user base with registered members (watch dealers, repairers and enthusiasts) from 17 countries. However, the platform has potential to expand worldwide.

The business has no debts and can operate with small monthly costs. ProChronos wants to hand over the business to the right people/company with the right skills and resources. 

If you are into luxury watches or social media, watch business, sales & marketing, IT and future development, this might be the business/product for you! 

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact ProChronos for more information! Please send an email to

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