Howspace launches training program

Facilitating change in a human-centric way is the skill of the future. Howspace launched a new training program for human-centric transformation.

Human interaction is at the heart of Howspace, an AI-powered digital facilitation platform for collaboration and social learning. To promote the human-centric approach to transformation, Howspace invited selected partners to co-create a certification program that trains and equips people with skills and practices needed to drive impactful change in organizations digitally in a human-centric way.

The Transformation Agent certification program was created from this process. The partners who took part in the co-creation of the program were trained and certified to organize the TA programs.

“The co-creative process worked nicely, and it was an excellent learning experience for everybody. We believe in engagement, so the co-creative approach was a natural choice for us,” said Ulla Luukas, Partnerships Director at Howspace.

The TA certification program will be run by Howspace Certified Partners around the world. The TA program is for people looking to find skills and practices for driving different kinds of change and transformation processes in their organizations in a human-centric way. The enrollment for the first certification programs has started and the programs begin at the beginning of 2022.

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