Caretaker Cabinet presents optimistic budget with 3,5% economic growth and national debt at 56,5% of GDP in 2022.

On Budget Day (known as ‘Prinsjesdag’), the third Tuesday of September, the Dutch government announces its plans and ambitions for the coming year. This year the cabinet has a ‘caretaker status’, following the childcare benefit scandal in January, when PM Rutte offered the resignation of his cabinet to the King. Due to a very long and complicated formation process, no new cabinet has been formed as of yet.

Later today, the minister of Finance (Wopke Hoekstra) will present the government budget for the upcoming year – called “Resilience and Building Onwards” – which will be followed by a cycle of parliamentary debates, lasting until the beginning of December. All budgets of all the ministries must be approved by Parliament and Senate by January 1st, 2022.

Key message from this year’s King’s Speech is that the Netherlands is doing well economically, which provides room to “build towards the Netherlands of tomorrow”. As the COVID-crisis had an enormous impact on the Dutch people and healthcare system, the government is working on a prevention plan for pandemics. Extra investments in building new houses, climate policy and security will help move the Netherlands forward. It’s also stated that the Dutch worry about the increasing polarization of public debates, but that they are a resilient people that still rate their lives positively.

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The full King’s speech (in English) can be viewed here.

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