Patron Dinner – Helsinki

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Finland, we are organising a ‘by invitation only’ dinner for our Patron members. This buffet-style dinner hosted by Ambassador Govert Jan Bijl de Vroe is the perfect opportunity for people interested in bilateral relationships between the Netherlands and Finland to meet.

The dinner is paired with a talk by Saku Viita-aho, from Futurice on How GenAI is transforming businesses, sharing practical and fresh insights handpicked from 40 ongoing GenAI programs.

Generative AI offers a wide productivity potential, but how will it impact your organisation? At Futurice, generative AI toools have already been applied in their own and their client’s business processes in order to build capabilities and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Futurice is an outcome-focused digital transformation company. They strive to create measurable outcomes that empower people, companies, and societies to solve their biggest challenges and make a positive impact on the world. Over the years, they have come to realize that sharing and transparency bring exponential impact. That’s why they are delighted and honoured to share their insights about generative AI.
Futurice has offices in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK.

Speaker: Saku Viita-aho
Business director in the are of strategy & renewal at Futurice
Board & Advisory board member
MBA & MSc engineering


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