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Cellulose foam by Stora Enso wins “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year”

Stora Enso’s cellulose foam has been granted the award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2021”. The award was presented during the 2nd International Conference on Cellulose Fibres (2-3 February 2021). Stora Enso’s cellulose foam was one of the six nominees which all presented developments of new technologies and applications in the cellulose fibre industry.

Cellulose foam by Stora Enso is a lightweight wood fiber-based foam material for protective and cushioning material in packaging. It is fully natural, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable in ordinary paper and board recycling. Thus, it is a great alternative to the traditional fossil-based foam materials. The production process is environmentally friendly and reduces costs and carbon footprint.

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Here you can read more about the Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2021 award.

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