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Small Business

Koda Works

Afin Management

Finnish Fibreboard Benelux

In July 1999, I started my own company as an official agent for Finnish fibreboard Ltd in the Benelux. Suomen Kuitulevy Oy (Finnish Fibreboard Ltd) is the only hardboard manufacturer in Scandinavia. The high quality products, such as tempered board, water based painted board and perforated boards are all well known in the Benelux market. Not only our sheet material is “green”, but also our mentality and way of thinking is green, future- and customer oriented. Our products are finding their way to the importers, packaging, DIY market, furniture and building industry. We are good listeners, and for that reason, our customers are respecting our service and high expertise.

For further information, you are welcome to visit our website www.finnish-fibreboard.eu or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finnish Seamen's Mission

At the fully renovated Finse Huis we have extended possibilities to serve people. In addition to organising activities of our own, we offer various kinds of premises suitable for anything from meetings and seminars to dinners and recreational events. Our equipment of beamers, flap boards, whiteboards and smartboards are all for your use. In our largest facility we are able to fit seats for up to 50 persons, and it is also possible to spread out to our smaller premises perfectly suitable for group working. We offer our own catering services in Dutch or Finnish style, or according to the customer’s preference. On top of all this, at Finse Huis you can enjoy a warm Finnish sauna, and organise a BBQ event using our backyard and terrace, where we have a Finnish smoker and a barbeque. In case of a need for a taste of Finland, at our Finnish café and shop you’ll find anything from salmiakki to rye bread. 

Our key advantage is that we are a small operator, meaning we are able to tailor an event exactly to the customer’s preference. This is why we encourage anyone interested in our services to contact us directly, and have a discussion on just how you would like your event to look like. The services of Finse Huis are provided by the Finnish Seamen’s Mission in Rotterdam. Mariners and the Finnish community in the Netherlands are served culturally, socially and ecclesiastically here by the Finnish Seamen’s Mission. We are a non-profit organization, Finse Huis -services are a part of our own fundraising. By choosing us for your next conference or meeting, you are also supporting the wellbeing of the Finnish community!

For further info please contact us via: 010-4366164 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hotel des Arts

Hotel des Arts is a beautiful Finnish owned hotel in the city center of Amsterdam, along the "Rode Loper" of the Rokin, facing the Amstel-river. Three Amsterdam monumental buildings built in 1703 combine to form a charming hotel. The hotel has 22 rooms from single rooms to large family rooms that accommodate up to 5 persons. The hotel boasts a charming, historical breakfast room, a lounge where you and your entourage can have drinks, special coffees and teas, or snacks any time of the day or night, and a 24 hour reception. The hotel can host small meetings, birthday parties or private events. Come to visit us the next time you are in Amsterdam. Welcome, welkom, tervetuloa! https://www.hoteldesarts.nl/en/

Inez Consulting Agency

INEZ Consulting & Agency is specialized in Fashion and Interior branches with years of experience and deep know-how of the retail, e-tail, and wholesale business. The focus point can be addressed at the product life cycle, supply chain, strategic and tactic planning, and merchandising. At this moment both fashion and interior industries are in interesting positions where outside forces change the game rapidly. Such as regulations to reduce the CO2 footprint, circular development, and sustainable materials. Also, fast-changing trends, shorter product cycles, and consumer behavior change are all forming the business and the ways companies must organize their core processes. For example, production and sales. Each of the processes has a different weigh point in your product's or service's lifecycle phase at the specific market area that you are in. INEZ Consulting will help you to get your company ready for the coming challenges by finding the optimal solutions fitting to your company, products, and services. INEZ Agency can help you create your new business in the new market area.

Jeroen Romein

Jeroen Romein is a specialist in B2B (international) Telemarketing, Lead Development and Business Development with years of experience in opening doors into Dutch business communities and connecting prospects and the business market. Are you considering doing business in the Netherlands? Then you can rely on Jeroen Romein's range of professional and effective support services and make sure everything goes smoothly for you. Jeroen Romein will build a bridge between your corporate culture and the differences in the Netherlands and discuss with you:

  • Customs and conduct in the Netherlands
  • Laws, regulations and rules
  • How decisions are made in the Netherlands
  • What do people appreciate, and what is perceived as unpleasant?

Are you looking for business opportunities with professional contacts in the Netherlands? Contact Jeroen Romein for an appointment This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or www.jeroenromein.nl.


JH Systems

JH-Systems is an importer / distributor of software in particular in the field of security. JH-Systems was founded in 1982 and is since 1993 distributor of F-Secure security software. Additionally JH-Systems has a number of other products such as encryption products SafeIT.

Market Explorer

Market Explorer (www.market-explorer.eu) is a firm that provides internationalization services adapted to effectively support companies with their international business development. Services essentially include market research, partner and customer search, and are conceived to help companies identify their potential on international markets but also to support and assist them growing into these markets. Market Explorer is directly operational in countries like Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, in a variety of industries from construction to cleantech and business services. Market Explorer was established by Fredrik Jirlow in October 2014. Fredrik Jirlow has more than 15 years of work experience from diverse companies, industries and countries and was most recently employed by Finpro, a Finnish organization and global network formerly specialized in internationalization consulting services for Finnish companies. As market analyst, Fredrik Jirlow has actively participated to the implementation of more than 100 client projects in various industries and in multiple European countries. 

Through a comprehensive network of partners, Market Explorer can also support businesses to explore and expand in various international markets, including in the Far East. Through a range of services, Market Explorer assists companies among others in evaluating growth potential in new markets, define the right customer groups for specific solutions, approach targeted companies and facilitate the establishment of clients’ direct relationship with the most promising companies.

Market Explorer can among others provide you with: market assessments in limited time, deeper understanding of target markets in different countries, having your solutions tested in local markets, extra work capacity and expertise according to your actual need, saving time and money through effective processes, accelerating your market access. Whether you are a small company only considering new international markets or already an established international company eager to accomplish further expansion, Market Explorer can directly contribute to your efforts through customized services in line with your business strategy.

For further information please visit our website www.market-explorer.eu or contact us by e-mail via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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