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Today business professionals are facing various challenges in the demanding international environment. That is why the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce aims to offer a hand to support our members to survive even better in this environment. We want to show that networking does not always need to be serious business and that business can be fun too.

Employees (Dutch, Finnish or other nationalities) actively involved in business between Finland and the Netherlands can apply for a membership of the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Also Finnish professionals working in international companies in the Netherlands are warmly welcomed to the Chamber. Due to our present position and status of business network organization the number of Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce is constantly growing. At the moment we have an active network of over 170 members, coming from over hundred companies / organizations.

By becoming a member you can participate our numerous professional networking events, luncheons, company visits and social events. You will also have a unique chance to widen your social and professional network and to establish valuable business contacts sharing the common interest in Finnish Dutch business relations and opportunities.  



I am a student and join the FDCC Young Professionals (€ 35,-- per year)

I am under 36 years old and join the FDCC Young Professionals (€ 70,-- per year)

I join the FDCC as a Professional Member (€ 140,-- per year)

Our company has more than 10 employees and we join the FDCC as a Corporate Member (€ 440,-- per year)

Our company has less than 10 employees, but we’ll support the Chamber and become a Small Business Member (€ 220,-- per year)


All Others

 Birth date
(only for students and Young Professionals)