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Testimonials & Greetings

Siiri Hatakka / FDCC Young Professionals Member

June 2017




"I have been a young professional member at FDCC for a year. This year has been a great guide and support for me transfer from Finnish working culture into the Dutch professional life. I have gained a new perspective and received great advice from Finnish and Dutch professionals already working in Netherlands. I am excited to join the mentoring program." 

Sonja Meskanen / FDCC Young Professionals Mentee

February 2017


"The mentoring program I started last year with FDCC, has been an even better experience than I initially expected! I was quite lost career-wise at that time and needed a boost.

Of course you partially need luck to be matched up with someone suitable (and your own initiative definitely plays a role) but the FDCC coordinators do choose this carefully and are open to helping if something is not well; they care about the program and your success in it. 

If you are now reading this with the intention to possibly join next round, do take the first step and give it a try! At least based on my own experience, I can highly, highly recommend it!"


Heidi Alsio / SpotX / FDCC Marketing and Communications Trainee, Spring 2016

January 2017                             

“In JanuProfile 2heidi.jpgary 2016, I sat down with Patrice van der Heiden and Petra Wullings to discuss a prospective internship with the Finnish Dutch Chamber of  Commerce. After my 5 months with the organisation, there were no ifs, ands or buts about the successful realization of an interesting and fruitful internship.

 A vast network of professional people are the nuts and bolts of establishing sustainable business and social relationships and therefore the members of  the FDCC are a paramount importance for the chamber. I was lucky to have met many of the interesting members of the FDCC and, first and foremost,  to have worked with the diverse and capable board.

2016 was full of interesting events; company visits, the personal branding seminar, the American Breakfast where we witnessed Trump’s election together with other European Chambers and, of course, the steamy YP after work sauna’s and many more. I look forward seeing what 2017 has to bring, along with the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence.”


Marianne Winter / Intertrust Group

February 2016

Having been a member of the FDCC for five years enabled me to broaden my business network and learn more about the Finnish culture. Thanks to the dedication of Patrice, the FDCC is very active in organising events on a regular basis. Taking part in the Slush trip enabled me to get to know the other (board)members better and opened doors to well-known Finnish companies. This allowed me to pursue new business opportunities. I am pleased to announce that Intertrust now has offices in Finland as well.


Hanneke Bergsma / PR & Communications Professional

November 2015

I was invited to join to the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce business trip to Helsinki in November 2015, organized by the FDCC (Patrice, Petra, René and Susanna).

This was a great opportunity for inspiration, networking, sharing experiences, knowledge and interests with other entrepreneurs. With at least 18 entrepreneurs from The Netherlands and Finland we visited a variety of exclusive companies, like Accountor, Adventures Club, Chamber of Commerce and visited the Fuel Up Party at the Dutch Residence in Helsinki where we met the Dutch Ambassador and more entrepreneurs.

We also paid a visit to SLUSH. This huge startup, business and tech event brought together 15.000 attendees, including 1.700 startups, 800 venture capital investors and 630 journalists from exactly 100 countries. During the Dutch breakfast at SLUSH we also had the opportunity to meet Neelie Kroes in her role as Special Envoy of StartupDelta.

Everything was a great experience and an absolute must do for every entrepreneur! The complete organization and programme of this business trip, on behalf of the FDCC, was in one word: PERFECT!!


Tina van Leeuwen / Finsetolk.nl

November 2015

“Business trip to Helsinki was awesome! That was also the word I heard a lot in the presentations during the SLUSH Start-up event, and I think that describes the trip very well. The mix of visiting different kind of companies, presentation at the chamber of commerce, looking around in the Finnish start-up world, being a guest of the Dutch Embassy and getting to know the other FDCC members was really good.”


Netta Tiippana / International Baccalaureate

February 2014

"They all warmly welcomed me and introduced me with all the other guests. My impressions of the Chamber events and members throughout the past year are heartening. I have met wonderful people, who not only offered me a piece of advice and encouraged to reach my goals, but also opened doors to their network of colleagues, family members and friends." 

"Now, when looking back, my employment seems to be gone according to a perfect script. It turned out, that the pivotal tip and point of contact was given to me in my very first FDCC meeting."


Petra Wullings / Chairperson 2013 - present

March 2014

"This is my first year as Chairperson of the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce. It has been interesting, challenging and great fun.

In the beginning of the year, I was asked to take over the chairmanship from Wim Koster because he no longer could combine the work with his position at KONE. It is an honour to me to be fulfilling the position as the first woman on the Chair in the 25 years Chamber history. The activities of the Chamber are by far organized by the Board. All board work is based on voluntary efforts of the Board members and I am proud to see what great energy and efforts the board members are delivering in executing and organizing it for all of us.

In September 2013 Mrs Liisa Talonpoika succeeded Mr Klaus Korhonen as Ambassador of Finland here in The Netherlands. Mrs. Talonpoika has proven to have a really active approach supporting the bilateral business between Finland and the Netherlands. Therefore the board of the FDCC is happy that the she accepted the honorary chairmanship of the Chamber.

We will start the year 2014 with a great combination of enthusiastic people with different industry backgrounds, young and senior professionals, Finnish and Dutch. I believe that this mixture brings us towards new opportunities and solutions to develop the Chamber further for our members."


Liisa Talonpoika / Ambassador of Finland 2013 - 2015

March 2014

"Trade between Finland and the Netherlands is essential for both our countries. Since I arrived here last September I have met small and big Finnish companies and organizations.  I am grateful for the insight these meetings have given me and hope that our cooperation continues in the coming years.

Especially thankful I am to the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, who is doing extremely valuable work in bringing the companies and investors in both countries closer together. Knowing and meeting, especially in the beginning, is crucial for every company. I believe that without the activity of the Chamber many occasions would have been lost. I hope all the members of the Chamber join us in this effort for the good of our countries and companies."


Mervi Leveelahti / Skifinland.eu

October 2012

“What an opportunity for networking and sharing experiences, knowledge and interests with experts of different industries. And still all having something in common. Grateful of the possibility to join this well organized event and hope to be able to experience something similar again in near future.”

Klaus Korhonen / Ambassador of Finland 2009 - 2013 & Henk Swarttouw / Ambassador of the Netherlands 2012 - 2015

October 2012

“We are pleased to congratulate the FDCC on its 25th anniversary. The Chamber does a lot of useful work in promoting business and cooperation between Finland and the Netherlands and provides a forum where Finnish and Dutch companies can meet.

With many other participants we have enjoyed the events organised by the Chamber where high level presentations have been followed by a lively debate. The FDCC is a valuable partner for both of our Embassies and we wish it every success in its future endeavours.”