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Dogs, bedbugs, games: Helsinki's MARIA 01 houses more than 100 startups


During our Helsinki Business Trip last September, we had the pleasure to visit Maria 01, a startup community that hosts over one thousand tech-heads and grows to be Europe’s largest startup campus. In their article, “This is Finland” introduces three such fascinating companies which are located at Maria 01:

“Maria Hospital, the oldest hospital in Helsinki, dated back to the 1886. After it closed in 2014, the site underwent renovations and become Maria 01, a hub for startups. Now they are expanding the campus, making it one of Europe’s largest startup centres.

The nonprofit group houses startups, investors and business accelerators. Currently it has over 100 young companies in residence, but this should balloon to over 650 when the expansion is complete in 2023. Here are three that are already there at the time of writing.”

Read the whole press release here.