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Nokia selected by ALTÁN Redes to build and manage nationwide LTE wholesale network in Mexico

Nokia Press Release,
March 30, 2017
"Known in Mexico as Red Compartida, the Shared Network project is a unique, innovative program that will provide wireless broadband nationwide to 92% of the population in Mexico, reducing the digital divide and strengthening the country's productivity and competitiveness in digital services.

The contract with Nokia includes provision of the heart of the network - 100% of the fully virtualized core network and 40% of RAN, IP backhaul, OSS and NOC. This will be deployed in five regions of Mexico out of a total of nine, including Guadalajara and Monterrey, the country's second and third largest cities. The project also includes a full-range of services that will allow Nokia to deliver a turnkey project: site acquisition, construction, deployment, Network Integration, network planning and optimization, master system integration (core), operation and maintenance and managed services.

The deployment, which will utilize the 700 MHz frequency band, will generate operational efficiencies as it requires fewer sites to reach a wider coverage. It is a greenfield project that is designed to have the application of state-of-the-art technologies.

The Shared Network project is a public-private international partnership led by the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) and the Office for the Promotion of Investments in Telecommunications (PROMTEL) in coordination with the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT). The project will generate a total investment of more than USD $7 billion over nine years, financed by international and local investors ranging from financial institutions and development institutions to industrial partners in Mexico.

Via the project, Mexico will join a growing number of countries deploying a 700 MHz APT network. It also marks Nokia's first deployment of a 100% virtualized core network in Latin America.

ALTÁN Redes is a new wholesale carrier supported by international investors and several Mexican shareholders. The international consortium won the tender process to build and operate the Shared Network, which will serve as a new platform for the deployment of mobile and Internet services for existing mobile network operators (MNOs), as well as existing and new mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

ALTÁN's next generation network will be able to provide enterprises with ubiquitous ultra-broadband wireless connectivity, subscription and device management, and security and analytics - all over the country. Companies from all segments in Mexico, not only the telecom services providers, will benefit from a wide range of connectivity services and IoT applications "Over the Network", as it will also serve as a platform for government communications and services such as public safety, VoLTE and next generation IoT vertical/industrial applications in financial services, health, energy and transport.


Products and services to be delivered by Nokia are:

- Virtualized core network

- Master system integration (core) and lab management solutions

- VoLTE and EPC (Air Frame)

- RAN: 4.5G Pro radio access based on AirScale

- ION: IP and optical backhaul

- DWDM 100G and IP Routing for aggregation

- Microwave transmission

- Sites acquisition, construction and deployment

- Network Integration

- Public safety broadband features

- NPO: network planning and optimization

- Operation and maintenance, managed services 

Joaquin Coronado, Managing Director of ALTÁN REDES, said: "It has been a very demanding selection process, since the Shared Network is, up to now, the most ambitious telecommunications project worldwide. The quality of technology, experience, deployment capacity and financial strength are aspects that we have taken very much into account. With Nokia as one of our technology partners, I'm sure the Shared Network will have a service of unmatched quality and scope. We trust Mexico will have soon the best mobile broadband network of the world with 4G-LTE technology." 

Dimitri Diliani, head of Nokia Latin America, said: "Building a brand new, end-to-end LTE network is a dream for a company like Nokia, and shows the strength of our innovation and our product portfolio. This project will allow ALTÁN and the Mexican government to exceed consumer expectations, providing more wireless broadband services, speed, coverage and quality at a lower cost per bit. Such a state-of-the art network will benefit all mobile operators in Mexico - the existing and the new ones - and also their customers."

About ALTÁN Redes:

ALTÁN Redes is a multinational consortium that has some of the largest investment funds as well as the most important Mexican private, institutional and industrial partners which have provided us with the capacity to present immediate resources as well as show our commitment to develop the Red Compartida aligned with our highest of standards."

Source: http://www.nokia.com/en_int/news/releases/2017/03/30/nokia-selected-by-altan-redes-to-build-and-manage-nationwide-lte-wholesale-network-in-mexico