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Last mentoring meeting of 2017

27.01.2017 On Friday 27 January the FDCC mentoring program was closed off with a group session at Way For Wellness in Rotterdam. This space was provided by the mentee of NLP coach Susanna Nevalainen, Tuire Niinimäki who, as a result of the program, bravely decided to quit her job in pursuit of happiness. She opened her coaching practice on 1 January 2017, turning New Year’s resolutions into something bigger than most people do.

During the evening we discussed several themes: that of goals, personal and professional development, take-away points for future participants and, last but not least, what they liked about the program and how it could be improved. 

Niels Marselis, Tuire Niinimäki, Ivo Kuipers and Miranna Kuivas all had the shared experience that they were a good match with their mentor/mentee. It has been an eye-opening experience for many mentees, resulting in a better sense of one’s own skills and abilities all while crystallizing what it is they want in life. For mentors it has been an opportunity to share their knowledge and help someone out, all the while reflecting on their own life choices. 

Some participants have realized big changes in their career, such as Tuire Niinimäki and Sonja Meskanen, whereas others realized they are right where they want to be. In both cases, it has been achieved that these Young Professionals are now more confident of the direction they are going in and have learned something about themselves and their role in this world. 

All participants present at the meeting felt they wanted to continue cooperation with their partner, even though the program has effectively ended. They feel that a real bond has been created during this program and strongly value each other’s views and opinions. 


Do you feel energized after reading this review? In 2018 we will start with a new edition of the mentoring program. Keep your eyes open during Spring 2017 for our career event in the beginning of Summer. This will be the kick-off of registrations for next year’s program and you will get some useful career advice.