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HR4 joins Accountor Group

HR4 joins Accountor Group, which expands to the areas of human resources, HR outsourcing and research. Through the integration, Accountor, a pioneer in electronic financial and human resources services, continues to grow and further strengthen its position in the growing HR sector.

HR4 Group continues as an independent company within Accountor Group. HR4 employs approximately 100 people and serves around 350 clients. HR4 is a strong brand that is growing profitably in the areas of human resources management, research, development and outsourcing. Through the integration, Accountor Group gains more talent to help speed up the growth of HR services and to create new added value for clients. Above all, the purpose of the integration is to seek new growth and new business. The change in organisational structure presents a possibility for HR4 to grow its operations and open new development opportunities for its current personnel. HR4 management will continue in their current positions.

“In the future, we can offer an extremely wide and developing service selection in the areas of financial and HR management for both Accountor and HR4 customers in every situation a company might face. As HR4 joins our Group, the turnover of HR research, consulting and software services climbs to almost EUR 60 million, which means that it will represent a very significant operational sector in our Group,” says Asko Schrey, CEO of Accountor. 

“Accountor is a growing, international player and a pioneer of electronic financial and HR management, and that highly benefits our customers. The organisational change expedites HR4’s growth and helps the business reach the next level. Operating as part of the Accountor Group also creates new opportunities for internationalisation. In the future, we can develop concepts that respond to customers’ needs more rapidly and extensively together with other Accountor Group companies,” says Kai Myllyneva, Chairman of the Board of HR4.