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Finland and The Netherlands top the table in Education on World Economic Forum report

According to the new study from the World Economic Forum, Finland is in first place in the education category, followed by the Netherlands. The report concentrates on studying the 112 economies seeking to extend the discussion on inequality and find ways to change policies to the improvement in living standards.

As for the education category, it was expected that due to current situation Finland is in, in terms of recession, budget cuts and increasing unemployment, country ranking might have been affected. However this achievement can be justified by a long tradition that has managed to prioritize education and learning for all. Added to this we highlight the role of educators, important pillars in the preparation of Finnish children. The high academic qualification earned by teachers in various trials, ensures excellent training school. Students are always the priority, for example, children with learning disabilities are helped by teachers, students and assistants.

The fact that Finland and The Netherlands topped the table in Education –category, bodes well for the future. As has been proven frequently in the course of history, investment in education is a future investment in the positive development of the country.