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Trademill Masterclasses - Secrets of Market Entry 3/3



Our third masterclass session BUILDING SUSTAINABLE GROWTH focuses on long term business development, growth and scaling. We talk for example about:

  • Creating a profitable business model
  • Adapting the best business model and sales channel for local market
  • Building your local team
  • Requirements of the leadership in an internationalizing company
  • How to stay in international business
  • How to replicate your model and scale



12:50/13:50   Webinar registration open

13:00/14:00    Welcome and introduction to the Masterclasses

                      FDCC & TradeMill

13:05/14:05    How to validate and enter the target market?                      

                      Petra Wullings, Trademill/Marc Wullings, Skipred

 13:20/14:20    nn.nn. (about international leadership)

13:40/14:40    How to adapt locally your business model

                    - Case Smartvatten with Joe Hamari, Smartvatten (tbc)

14:00/15:00     Q & A                      

14:15/15:15   Closing the webinar



Interested to hear some secrets of successful market entry? Register through: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.