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HRM Partners & Howspace Webinar: When Virtual Work is Here to Stay


Tuesday, 2nd of June

17.00 - 18.00 CET


Virtual work, virtual meetings, virtual collaboration, virtual leadership. But How?

When your virtual workspace is your office, and your location is home, how do you lead your team? How do you connect and communicate effectively and how do you stay engaged? Leading a remote team is different than leading and working face-to-face but still same elements of good leadership apply.

We discuss the insights of virtual work with two of our member companies who are leading the way for many others; Mari Tasanto from HRM Partners and Art Maloku from Howspace share their best practices.

Please join our seminar to learn more and share your best learnings or burning questions with our virtual collaboration experts in the new era. 


Agenda & Speakers: 


  • Satu SchroderusFDCC: warm-up and opening 
  • Mari TasantoHRM Partners: The corner stones of virtual leadership:
    • Coaching and sparring the team during the unexceptional time period 
    • How a manager can increase resilience in their team virtually –a stronger team beyond Covid-19 ? 
  • Art MalokuHowspace: How to manage effective virtual collaboration and engage the team members?
    • Best practices and case examples 
  • Way forward & closing Q&A 









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