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Personal Branding and Business Image

View the picture gallery here. Photos taken by Anne Bergshoeff.

A strong personal brand opens new professional opportunities, helps you profile yourself in terms of your skills and makes you stand out in the competitive landscape when searching for a new job or potential new customers. The digital presence of your personal brand is becoming more and more important: whether it is LinkedIn or your website, the content already tells your story. However, continuing the story in face-to-face meetings is equally important and both of these aspects are a great impact throughout your career.

On Wednesday 18th of April, FDCC organized a special event focusing on Personal Branding and Business Image. International brand advisor Michiel Maandag (Monday Brand Advisory) spoke about branding yourself, and image consultant Jenni Ryynänen (I on Image) opened our eyes for how to support the personal brand with a unique style. Additionally photographer Jenna Rutanen took flattering photographs for professional use. Nokia hosted the event at their office in Hoofddorp and sponsored the catering.