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Past Event: Career Boost Event

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Where do you want to go in your career? How to get there? Do you have your elevator pitch ready? Those were the questions Mari Tasanto, head of Talent Management at HRM Partners tried to help us answer at the FDCC Career Boost event hosted by Nokia. Of course these questions can only be answered by one person - yourself. However, there are ways to go about answering these questions that makes it considerably easier.

Mari told us that the core of the process is about being aware and being prepared. Being aware concerns constantly being aware of what you are doing, how the things you do in your job challenge you, how you utilize your competencies while doing them and how they help you reach your goals. By being prepared you are able to profile yourself in the right way at the right moment. Someone could step up to you and ask you to tell more about yourself at any moment. At that moment, you should have your story ready in a form that is enticing and easy to follow. 

In order to go forward you need to know what it is you’re doing right now and, more importantly, who you are. Your performance, co-operation skills and alignment with the organization culture of course count, but in order to grow you should not forget about your strengths, learning skills and your ability to analyze your behavior and skills. With the help of the exercises Mari provided all participants will be able to work on realizing what it is that makes us unique and an asset to our (future) employer.

The event was at the same time the kick-off for registration for the mentoring program. Sanna Tauriainen and Anne Bergshoeff, board members and organizers of the mentoring program, introduced the program, what it is you can expect from it and what is expect from you - either as a mentor or as a mentee. More information will be on our website soon.

At the end of the evening there was the opportunity to network and for those who had applied for it, to be involved in a speed date with previous and future mentors. During these conversations one could gain a better idea of their goals and how they could utilize the mentoring program in order to reach those goals. The conversations were confidential and of course for everyone different. However, everyone returned from their speed date with a smile on their face and new motivation to work on those goals.