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Past Event: After Work Wellbeing in Business

View the photo gallery here.On Thursday 16th February, the Young Professionals of the FDCC organized an Afterwork event at the Way for Wellness Studio in Rotterdam. This time we wanted to look at the business life from another angle and take a more holistic approach together with our guest speakers Tuire Niinimäki from Way for Wellness and Susanna Nevalainen from VANAD Group. The theme of the evening was ‘Wellbeing in Business’, but in fact, the topics discussed and techniques we learned, can be applied to all areas of life.

Tuire decided to focus on her own business in January 2017 after having a great career as a marketeer in a multinational company and having a great, successful life on a paper. After having had 2 burnouts, she followed her true passion and took the plunge, she quit her job, making her happier and healthier than ever. During the evening she shared her secrets with us, so we could reach the same happiness and balanced life. Our lives are busier than ever before and this is not going to change anytime soon. Our bosses will not demand less from us and our team members will not get nicer.  

Even though we have everything we need, there is still a nagging feeling that it is not yet enough, and we keep telling ourselves that we will be happier once we get that next promotion, lose 5 more kilos of weight, or find Mr./Mrs. Right. But these demands that we constantly put on ourselves, just make us want more, and we will never be happy with what we have now. 

What we can do is practice techniques, that help us to cope with stress better.  The term ‘psychological flexibility’, means that we need to live here and now, stop our thoughts from defining ourselves and accept things as they are at the moment. Tuire also highlighted the importance of values -  when you make choices based on your core values, you will be making choices that enhance your happiness and wellbeing.

After Tuire’s presentation, Susanna told us about Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, or mBraining, the latest neuroscience findings about human’s multiple brains. According to mBraining, human has 3 brains: Head (creativity), Heart (compassion) and Gut (courage). MBraining highlights that all 3 brains should be connected to enable wiser decision-making in the daily life. Did you ever have a feeling that your head brain tells you something else than your gut feeling? And when you didn’t follow your gut feeling, did you later realize that you made a wrong decision? This is exactly what mBraining can help us with, and Susanna showed us practical exercises on how to get these 3 brains connected.

Through ‘balanced breathing’, a technique which helps you to focus on getting your neural system in sync, we returned to the basis and felt how much impact your breathing has on your wellbeing. For many this felt very natural and it helped to organize the feelings and thoughts of the participants. You can also try it at home with the MP3 provided on www.mbraining.com.

Thank you Tuire and Susanna for sharing your experiences and reminding us how important it is to take care of ourselves in today’s hectic life!


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Tuire is a certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) master practitioner & personal development coach and a Mindfulness teacher. She is an expert on stress management and stress reduction through a holistic approach on wellness. She has had personal experience with burnouts and how to recover from it to live life full of meaning and happiness.

"Many of us feel the pressures of the modern world heavier than ever. Demands from work, home and society are overwhelming us. Opportunities are endless, but choosing becomes another stressor. We have more than any generation ever, but we live in a world where nothing is enough. How to manage all this and feel happy and balanced? How to create a life that allows you to meet your ambitions but doesn't drive you to a burnout in the meanwhile?

What we need is psychological flexibility. Come and hear more about what it is at the AfterWork Wellbeing event."




Susanna is an international certified NLP trainer, master practitioner NLP and MBIT Coach (Multiple Brain Integration Technique). Susanna offers leadership, communication and customer service trainings at www.vanadacademy.com.