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Past Event: Heeros & KodaWorks After Work Sauna

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On Friday 3rd of February the Young Professionals celebrated the start of the weekend with an After work sauna event at the Finse Huis in Rotterdam and consequent presentations by Heeros and Koda Works over dinner. 

Garik Bagdasarov from Heeros started the discussion with a very interesting and nuanced view of the phenomenon of digitalization in business. Garik gave real life examples from Heeros, on how business processes can be made more efficient by digitalization and how digital invoicing can deliver companies better information on their financial situation through automatic analyses of incoming and outgoing money flows. 

During the discussion, it was noted that right now, digitalization is changing the world extremely fast and it is hard to predict how our work, and private life, will eventually change. Digital means are being used to replace the things we used to do without electronic device. The vision for the future is that through digital means we will be doing things in a radically different way than before, which will show us the real added value of digitalization. 

Gariks’ presentation was followed by Kukka Ahti and Erik Klein Nagelvoort from Koda Works. Kukka and Erik shared their experiences on digitalization and gave us an insight on how the Agile methodology was born and how it has changed ways of working after entering the software development scene 15 years ago. In general, we got a very balanced view on digitalization due to the focus on the human aspect in this presentation. Are you curious to learn more about Agile in project management? Nowadays it’s a norm in the software development, but the core principles can benefit practically any project, also outside of IT. Because of the great interest on this topic, we are looking into the possibility to organize a crash course into Agile together with Koda Works.  

During the evening, all participants shared their views on digitalization in their field, which raised a lot of questions. One of the questions which kept returning was what to do with people who have become obsolete due to digitalization. All guest speakers stressed that it is important that new tasks are found for these people. Digitalization is a tool to improve the functioning of businesses, but ideally, not to replace people. It can make a company more efficient, and therefore profitable, but the human aspect should not be lost out of sight within the functioning of a company. 

All in all this was an event worthy of a sequel. Did this waken your interest? Keep an eye on our website and newsletter to hear more about this subject in the workshop organized in cooperation with Koda Works.