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After Work Sauna Iittala

We are excited to share with you that Iittala has invited After Work Sauna to the new flag-ship store in Amsterdam on the evening of Wednesday November 18, 2015. The beautiful new Iittala store opened its doors mid-October and gives you the feeling of coming home.

This interdisciplinary design event will blow your senses through all channels: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. This unique event invites you to join the discussion about importance and evolution of design and arts and the link between Finland and The Netherlands. We will start with the program at 18:30, but you are welcome at the Iittala store on Van Baerlestraat 76 in Amsterdam from 18:00 onwards to have a drink and bites. And maybe even better... already shop some Iittala X-mas gifts with a 20% discount only valid during this special event!

This event is organized by Young Professionals, but all Finnish Dutch Trade Guild members are welcomed. The fee is 5 EUR. You receive invoice after registration or on Monday 16th November. 

The After Work Sauna, organized by Young Professionals of the Finnish Dutch Trade Guild, accelerates networking and business opportunities within the Finnish Dutch community in The Netherlands. Our steamers, ‘löylyn heittäjät’, are the most talented professionals in their field of business working for the member companies and organizations.

About the After Work Sauna; our first event took place in the Finse Huis in Rotterdam spring 2015 and was sponsored by Nokia. The second edition took place on the midsummer eve when we sailed on the channels of Amsterdam with the Original sauna boat. The latest event focusing on diplomacy, negotiation and lobbying was organized with the Embassy of Finland and took place in the Residence in The Hague. Do expect more, we are constantly looking a new sauna to put on fire!

We are grateful for Iittala for allowing us to host this event at their new store. Please note that we will have limited availability of seats. As always first come, first served. Members on priority list. Registration by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..