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The Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Finland

On the 22nd of March 2018 the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Finland, Cees Bansema, hosted the kick-off event for the Finnish Dutch Chamber in Finland at the Villa Kleineh Residence.

The founding coincided with FDCC’s annual business trip to Helsinki and thus members from both the Dutch and the Finnish business community were present among them FDCC Chair Mikko Yla-Kauttu, former Chair Petra Wullings and General Manager Patrice van der Heiden.

During the meeting Ambassador Cees Bansema was appointed Honorary Chair.

FDCC Finland is off to a promising start with members already committed to the community, a group of coordinators engaged in arranging events a number of prospects interested to take part in the activities. FDCC in Finland seeks to establish the same program in Finland as in the Netherlands where students, young professionals, individual, corporate and patron members take part in activities enhancing business proficiency and extending professional networks.