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KONE takes lifting services into a new era

With KONE's new intelligent 24/7 Connected Services they can now better predict, maintain and take action before breakage. For the customer it means improved safety, full transparency and ease of mind, because if something would happen, they’d already know.

How do the connected services work?

Equipment installed in the elevator gathers information from the elevator’s parameters, usage statistics and faults. The equipment sends all information in real-time to KONE’s cloud service, where the analytics are located.

All the data from the elevator is processed by an advanced analysis system. If the system identifies the need for maintenance, it either alerts a technician immediately, or contacts technical support or customer service, according to how critical the problem is.

The system will send clear notifications and report all of the actions to be taken. When the customer is fully aware of what’s going on, they can plan ahead and budget for future maintenance needs. 


Source: http://www.kone.com/en/products-and-services/solutions-for-existing-buildings/new-maintenance.aspx